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Drilling and Testing

Since 1995, Hydrologic Associates has owned and operated drilling and testing equipment which has operated throughout Florida and the Caribbean. Currently HAI owns three drilling rigs: Drill Systems CSR 3000, Drill Systems AP 1000 and a Mobile B-50. All the drilling rigs are truck mounting and can be easily mobilized. (Also see attached list of drilling and testing equipment available). The two Drill Systems drill rigs are designed to utilize the dual- tube, reverse air rotary drilling method which allows for continuous, collection of geologic material (cores) and water quality from discrete intervals. This drilling method allows for rapid test drilling and analysis for use in designing wells and establishing monitoring zones. This type of drilling is currently available to depths down to 3000 feet. Dual tube drilling consists of sending compressed air down an outer diameter tube (for bit lubrication) and bringing to the surface geologic samples of excellent quality to allow for correlation with the areaís geology. This method was utilized by the U.S. Geological Survey to map the geologic formations underlying Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Collier and Hendry Counties in South Florida.

HAI has the capabilities to install wells ranging in size from 2-inch monitoring wells to 36-inch production wells. Casing materials can be steel, stainless steel, PVC, Certa Lok, or fiberglass. We can customize wells and testing to satisfy your needs. HAIís three on-staff hydrogeologists and one hydrologist who participate in on-site logging of wells total over one hundred years of experience in the profession. These professionals have encountered nearly every type of logging and field situations and can recognize problems at the first indication. We do not maintain a series of junior or journeyman geologists or hydrologists, so whoever logs a well for client will be one of the most experienced professionals in the area.